Community Relations

Community Relations and Stakeholder Engagement

There are three communities in the area of Tinka's Ayawilca project: San Pedro de Pillao, San Juan de Yanacocha and Huarautambo. These are small rural communities with populations of between 500 and 1,300 people. The community centres are located several kilometres from the project. 

Tinka recognizes the importance of stakeholder engagement, and maintaining strong relationships with all of its stakeholders including the local communities. The Company employs two full-time community relations officers within each community (on rotation). Tinka strives to ensure that the communities are well informed of the Company’s activities, and to provide a platform whereby concerns or questions can be raised and addressed as efficiently as possible. Tinka has agreements in place with the its stakeholders which allow the Company to conduct exploration activities. The Company funds a number of projects with each of the communities including health programs, construction projects, training, education and other initiatives. In addition, Tinka employs community labour to fulfill a number of roles including the building and maintenance of local roads, the construction of drill pads, camp security, camp maintenance and cleaning (see photos below of some of the community workers activities).

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Information and communications programs

Information and communication programs

Community Dances

Mother's Day celebrations

Training for the preparation of healthy food

Training for local drivers

Medical campaigns

Community healthcare

School activity sponsorship

Support to local schools

Fence installation for livestock

Environmental and Health Practises

Tinka is fully committed to identifying, evaluating and controlling the environmental impacts of its exploration activities. The Company has implemented sustainable business practices and promotes community environmental monitoring. It has implemented preventive and quick response measures that ensure conservation of the environment during the current exploration phase.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has recently had a major negative impact on public health in Peru, while much of the country has been in lockdown.  Mining is important to the Peruvian economy, and most mining projects (including advanced exploration projects) have been permitted to operate during the pandemic under strict health protocols.  Tinka has implemented its own health protocol to minimise the risks of COVID-19 to employees and to the communities close to the Ayawilca project.  The fact that Ayawilca is located at high elevation in a mountainous region potentially increases the risk of breathing difficulties should one of our employees contract the virus.  Some of the measures within the health protocol Tinka has implemented include:

  • Regular testing for COVID-19 of employees and community workers;
  • Testing and isolating employees prior to travel to the camp, to ensure workers are free of COVID-19 prior to leaving their homes;
  • Use of personal safety equipment including masks and visors, and systematic temperature checks of employees and community workers;
  • Availability of oxygen supplies at Ayawilca camp site
  • Social distancing and limiting group gatherings;
  • Availability of hand cleansers;
  • Availability of a doctor at the Ayawilca camp, who is able to carry out COVID-19 testing and prescribe basic medicines;
  • Availability of an ambulance at camp, to mobilize personnel in case of a medical emergency. 

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